Zackary Kephart – Founder/Writer

I am the founder of this little blog. Overall I’m not aiming to be too fancy. While I do have a lot of opinions on Country music, I know I’m not always right. Heck, I may never be right. I welcome all view points and prefer to be honest and fair in my assessments rather than rely on cheap humor (mostly…). I’m really not aiming to be fancy with this thing. If it stopped growing right now I’d still be happy. It’s just a place for me (and Andy of course) to share my thoughts on music. Thanks for visiting. I am also a DJ for WNIA Radio.

Andrew L. – Writer

Andrew is a longtime country music listener and all-around fan. He generally goes by “andythedrifter” online as a tribute to one of his country music heroes, Hank Williams. He is interested in the many different roots and branches of country music, and considers hearing a great song for the first time one of the greatest joys in life. His favorite aspect of country music is its potential for brilliant lyrics and storytelling. He is thrilled to join the team of The Musical Divide, and looks forward to exploring this great genre with you.

A little about my (Zack) blogging history:

Even though this blog was established in June of 2017, the archives stretch all the way back to 2015. I started out writing at Pulse Music Board (good luck trying to find those reviews though). In May of that same year, my buddy Markus Meyer offered me the chance to write at his blog, This Is Country Music (where I still write single reviews). I wrote there full time until January of 2016 when I started writing for the now defunct Country Perspective. I stopped writing at both outlets in March when I started my own blog, Country Music Minds with my friend, Andy. I wrote there until October when I went on a short hiatus. After that I started up another blog, Runaway Country. That was short lived. It lasted a month until I went back to Country Music Minds where I wrote under a pseudonym, Leon Blair. Country Music Minds continued to operate until June of 2017 when I decided I was done trying to grow a blog and hide under a pseudonym.

So that’s what you’re getting here – a hodgepodge of posts from all of the various blogs I’ve written at. Posts from June 2017 onward are Musical Divide originals, but the rest may contain references to those old blogs. Anyway, I ain’t looking to be flashy here. I do reviews and think pieces and that’s kind of it. It’s literally a boring, average, amateur blog. That’s alright by me, so if it’s alright by you, stick around awhile. Thanks for visiting.