Here at The Musical Divide, we’re honored to receive compliments from you, the readers. Even though we’re your 74th favorite Country blog, we really do appreciate all the love we’ve received. Therefore, we wanted there to be a way to showcase some of the comments we receive here.

  • “This blog is shit. Some of the worst writing I’ve read in some time. And I’m not even trashing his lack of taste in music; it feels like the entire thing was written by a third grader speaking into a tape recorder.” – Dave on Facebook
  •  “I knew that this guy was clueless when it started out with Brad Paisley” – Kara on Facebook referring to my 2017 year end list for albums.
  • “Lotttt of words and effort for only 91 people to see. You’re doing it wrong.” – Chase Rice’s tour manager
  • Thomas Mooney gave a wonderful shoutout to the blog as well!