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Every week, I update the list below with albums I for sure am going to cover. I’m going to list a bunch of albums IN THE ORDER I’M INTERESTED IN COVERING THEM IN. This will be updated likely every Monday. For example, I’d likely place Jason Isbell well above Joe Gussie and The Dirt Pickers because well, Jason Isbell is more of a high profile name (and Joe Gussie doesn’t exist). However, let’s say you wanted Joe higher up on the list. You can say in the comments below that you’d like to see a review for that album, and that will bump it up one spot on my review list, therefore passing Isbell.

Additionally, every Thursday starting at noon (eastern standard time), you may also vote to have one album added to the list if I don’t already have it there. What this is meant for is to bring some unknown albums to not only my attention, but also the readers’ attention as well. Additionally for those who want me to review an odd ball non-country album, there’s your chance as well. There’s a catch here though. I will only consider the first 3 comments asking for new albums. Any others after that will not be considered, not even for next week. I set a time for a reason. You may also request songs as well, and seeing as how three albums weighs about to be approximately thirty songs, I’ll take the first thirty comments for songs. If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask, since I know it seem confusing.

With that said though, just because you list an album or bump it higher is not a guarantee that it will get a review. Some albums take longer to digest, and some just leave me with nothing much to say. It’s just how it is. What you’d be ultimately be doing is increasing your chances, not getting a guarantee. Also, artists, if you read this, feel free to jump in on this as well. Please note I will not review anything early, and again, we don’t owe each other anything, so if I don’t like it, no hard feelings (I could love it though).

I plan on covering these albums below by next week. If I end up not getting to one, it will stay on the list for next week  (although depending on what comes out next week, it may fall down in the rankings). Obviously this list will build up as the year progresses. Anything I cover will be taken off the list as soon as it’s reviewed.

  1. Sonia Leigh – Mad Hatter
  2. Robert Ray – Run Away With You
  3. Brooks Dixon – White Roses EP
  4. Johnny Danjo – Dear Everybody, I Love You  (13th)
  5. The Wide Open – Long Road Home
  6. Ghostwriter – String Noise & Dust (backlog)
  7. Kimberly Dunn – New Smoke Show


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